It's a peaceful day in some fictional beach in California. That is, until a duck gives supreme power to a beach ball to unleash havoc on the beachgoers... is what should be said, but actually...

Play as an optimistic-looking beach ball to bounce on peoples' heads and eat trash on a beach because a duck said so.

That's all there is to it.

Also, the duck says that there's three whole endings. It's also also important to keep in mind that the duck may be lying to you at some point. Play the game to find out the truth!


  • WASD - for movement
  • Mouse Left Button - to click on buttons in UI


  • Izabela Mateo Tolentino - Programming, Art, Writing
  • Tiffany Mateo Tolentino - Voice Acting (Duck, additional voices), Playtester
  • Nicholas Mendoza - Playtester, Art

Credits for Assets Used



Created between May 29, 2020 - June 11, 2020 for the "I can't draw but want to make a game (again)" game jam hosted by charlmes

Gameplay inspired by Katamari Damacy

Disclaimer: Not tested on Mac/Web when this was made


Download 51 MB
Download 53 MB

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Awesome game Izzy. Where can I buy a season pass lol. Quack Quack Quack @ Tiff! I got all the plastic bag btw lol

LOL thanks for playing! Maybe I'll implement an achievement sometime for those plastic bags  


What an adorable game! I had an AWESOME time rolling around and picking up progressively bigger things. I started laughing pretty hard when I got to the surfboards...

Also loved the music! Reminded me of Mariya Takeuchi's "Plastic Love". Which I adore. :)

I wish I had a critique, but I really don't....

Well done!

Yay! Glad you had fun! :D Rolling up the surfboards gets me every time too lol.

Ahh I love "Plastic Love"! City pop music is pretty great to listen to.

And no worries! Thanks for taking the time to play my game!! :)